Playing Slot Machines Is Very Simple

The first thing you need is the casino software, is provided by the Gambling Federation and is available for free:Once installed the above program you will be ready to open the “Cashier” section, register and start playing. On the main screen, after reading and accepting the general game conditions, you will see in the foreground the main menu including “Slot Machine”, there you are, enter and choose which slot to play.

The credit card transactions carried out at our casino are protected by a 128 bit encryption key, all our servers containing confidential information are monitored and accessible exclusively by selected personnel.


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Are you a poker lover? In our casino you will find in addition to the various versions of the Videopoker also Pai gow poker , to play at the table with real money. You will also find many variations of the gambling game, one or more hands and with a maximum different bet.

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